Limavady Volunteer Bureau is one of LCDI’s longest running projects. It grew out of the need to accommodate the involvement of volunteers in the local community. It views volunteering as a powerful force for change – volunteering can potentially give everyone in society, regardless of class, ability, colour or creed, the opportunity to give, feel valued and to take part. The Volunteer Bureau promotes and encourages volunteering to the general public and works with organisations to develop a diverse range of opportunities and promote good management. But most importantly, the Bureau acts as a filter between the potential volunteers and the organisations to ensure a successful and meaningful placement is made. Volunteers and organisations are offered good ongoing support, information and advice.


Economic Impact

With an initial investment of 59,300 by the Government this year, the centre contributed 1.2million to the Limavady area.

Contact details

Tel: 028 7776 5438

Email: [email protected]