Cookstown & Magherafelt

The Cookstown & Magherafelt Volunteer Centre was founded in June 2000 and is a registered charity limited by guarantee. A need was identified to provide other services such as community transport and a volunteer bureau. At first, it was perceived as a heading under the auspices of Mid Ulster Community Services, namely Out and About. However, further meetings resulted in the services of the Volunteer Bureau becoming a separate entity. An audit carried out previously had identified a need for a volunteering structure in both Cookstown & Magherafelt. Early support came from the Volunteer Development Agency, Cookstown District Partnership and Magherafelt Area Partnership.


Economic Impact in local area

With an initial investment of 66,053 by the Government this year, the centre contributed 1.06million to the Cookstown & Magherafelt area. Contact details:

Tel: 028 7930 1862

Email: [email protected]